Paving Cleaner and Sealer

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Paving Cleaner and Sealer are specialized building products, sealers and cleaners for use on all types of masonry, natural stone pavers and paving including concrete surfaces. We supply cleaners and sealers for all types of natural stone and man made stones ranging from Marble, Granite, Bluestone, Sandstone, Travertine and other cementitious based products.

Melbourne has such a large range of products and surfaces. Using Cleaners and Sealers on your flooring and walling will ensure no staining and significantly lower the upkeep on these surfaces.

The extensive range includes:

Our manufacturer has formulated all their sealers and cleaners to give the highest possible stain resistance in the industry. They pride themselves on being able to put efforts into Research & Development to ensure that they stay ahead of the competition.

This is evident in the developing a water-based Sealer which has passed the low VOC Green Building Council requirement.

Our range includes penetrating sealers that will achieve a natural look to surface sealers that will achieve a wet-look, You will find everything you need with our Paving Cleaners and Sealers whether you are a Landscaper, Builder or Home Owner.

Melbourne is evolving and here at Rhinoscapes & Stone, we keep up with the times to ensure we have the whole range of Paving Cleaner and Sealer.

Contact us for more details on our range and pricing.